Behind the Music: “Canyon Full of Tears”

Today, the Cavemen unveil a second song from the band’s debut album, to be celebrated at a CD release show on April 14 at Stardust Video & Coffee.

“Canyon Full of Tears” is a Jimmy Carl weeper that had its origin in the title, which is where the guy often likes to start his writing. There was some pacing around the bedroom involved, too, because the walking seems to help.

In the studio, the song evolved from JC’s disastrous original demo, which no one on the planet should ever hear under any circumstances, into a better, partially tracked version.

The latter eventually was replaced by the track that made the album, recorded live with JC, drummer MacGyver and bassist Steve Jackson at the Hippie House.

Later, Roscoe added rhythm guitar and JC added a second guitar line and the solo. Oh, JC re-sang the vocals a second time, because he screwed up the words on the band take. Because of such incidents, producer Tim Kelliher wouldn’t call band members “the talent,” no matter how often they asked him.

The Cavemen will have a special guest to play on the song at the CD release party and we’re pretty sure you won’t want to miss it. A couple of the guys had a preview this week and it was way cool.

(Next week, we’ll be posting another original song from the CD, with the story behind it.)

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