Simple Cavemen evolving into studio creatures

We’ve been remiss in our updates, but the Cavemen have been busy this fall. In the wake of fabu gigs at Okrafest, Stardust Coffee & Video and Tin House Ranch, those dreamy Cavemen are now evolving into a studio ensemble.

Jimmy Carl and Roscoe Gray recently spent a couple of days at Hippie House, the hometown studio operated by guitar hero Timmy Kelliher.

What an education! Turns out that the simple songs of the Cavemen aren’t so simple when you break them into all their tiny pieces and spread them out on the table, so to speak. 

Producer Kelliher’s biggest hurdle? Persuading JC that it maybe wasn’t wise to attempt to play three percussion instruments at the same time.

But things are rolling now.

In the works: studio versions of Roscoe Gray’s “Disaster” and JC’s “Canyon Full of Tears,” with others on the way.

We’re hoping to have maybe a half dozen songs by summer — if we can keep a certain multi-instrumentalist away from the percussion toys.