Cavemen are coming to Stardust, but first look at this…

Yes, the Simple Cavemen will emerge again to showcase that sweet suburban porch music from 8 to 11 p.m. March 26 at the fabulous Stardust Video and Coffee. You’ll hear more about that in coming weeks, but we’re not all about shameless self-promotion.

Instead, we’d urge you to look at this cool video of Buddy Miller and his new side project, the Majestic Silver Strings, doing a George Jones classic at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. The band features steel guitarist Greg Leisz and guitarists Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot. 

The Caveman dude into found percussion would additionally ask that you pay attention to quick shot of the shakers attached to the drummer’s ankle at about the 2:15 mark.  This is the wave of the future.